Safety regulations related to dogs


1.Dogs visiting the hotel are only allowed under 15kg and must not have any infectious diseases.

2.You can stay with your dog only if you book the "Pet room or Pet Package".

3.Limited to one dog per room.

4.If your dog exhibits excessive barking or aggression toward other dogs or people, you may be asked to leave the property without a refund.

5.If maintenance work or special cleaning is required due to a dog, the costs may be charged to the guardian.

6.Dogs are strictly restricted in public places, and in public places such as lobbies, hallways, and elevators, dogs must be kept on a leash, held in an arm, or using a cage.

7.Please be sure to use a carrier or carry your dog yourself to prevent him from urinating in the hallways and common areas.

8.Please clean up your dog's excrement immediately.

9.For safety reasons, please never leave your dog alone inside or outside the room.

10.The hotel is not responsible for accidents or loss of companion dogs due to the guardian's negligence.

11.If a staff visit is required in the room, for safety reasons, please move your dog into a cage or wear it on a leash.

12.Please be aware that guardians visiting with their dogs are responsible for all of their dogs' behavior at the hotel.

13.You must promise to compensate for all actions (lawsuits, damages, damages, costs) for death, injury, or property damage caused or related to your dog.


These rules are established for the safety and convenience of guests and their dogs while staying at the hotel.

Please show your understanding, consideration for each other.

Thank you