You can make a reservation at the lowest price at the official hotel website.
Save your points and use them like cash.
You can also get free coupons and discount coupons.

Sean Hotel Group Rewards Membership

Join the Sean Hotel Group membership and enjoy the rewards and benefits.
You can use the rewards and benefits as soon as you join the membership.

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SEAN HOTEL GROUPEnjoy the Privileges

Benefit 1

The points can be used like cash

When you make a reservation at the integrated reservation website of Sean Hotel Group, 5% of the payment amount will be saved as your points. The accumulated points can be used like cash in the reservation website.
Benefit 2

You can get 5,000 won just by joining the membership

It can be used right after you joint the membership.
Benefit 3

Lowest Price Guarantee

The official website provides the lowest price possible and flexible cancellation policies.
Benefit 4

We provide various discount coupons

You can receive all kinds of discount coupons by being a member including the discount coupon for the first reservation, birthday discount coupon, and special discount coupon. You can use the coupons to make a reservation of the hotel at reasonable price. Check your coupon box.

Member Level Benefits

  • Upon membership subscription
  • Subscription point
    KRW 5,000
  • First Reservation
  • KRW 10,000 discount coupon
    (KRW 5,000 X 2 coupons)
  • 4 Reservations
  • KRW 20,000 discount coupon
    (KRW 5,000 X 2 coupons + KRW 10,000 coupon)
  • 10 Reservations
  • KRW 30,000 discount coupon
    (KRW 5,000 X 2 coupons + KRW 10,000 X 2 coupons)

Please book here then you can get high membership grade

  • Membership grades are divided according to the number of reservations.
  • The number of reservations will accumulate the day after check-out, not on the reservation date, and the status will be changed and coupons will be issued.

Please read this!

  • Membership coupons will be automatically issued on January 1 of each year or when the membership grades are changed, and you can check at “My Hotel” menu.
  • Discount coupons for members can be used until December 31 of the same year.
  • Reward Points will be saved 5% of the total amount (excluding coupons and reward points) due the day after checkout.
  • If you cancel your reservation, the coupon will not be refunded or reissued.
  • If you cancel your reservation, your points will be refunded.
  • The reward pointsare valid for one year from the date of your last login.
  • If you do not log in for one year, your membership information will be automatically deleted and all your reward points and coupons will be lost.