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Hotel rooms where you can cook

Book a cooking room at a special price on our website.

(Island Double, Deluxe Family Suite, Premier Family Suite)


  Kitchen Amenities  

Tableware : 

4 rice bowls, 4 soup bowls, 4 flatware, 4 mugs

Cutlery :

4 spoons, 4 chopsticks, 4 forks, 1 teaspoon

Cooking utensils :

Induction stove, pot, frying pan, pot holder

knife, rice spatula, etc

Kitchen cleaning supplies : 

Dish drying rack, dish detergent, scrubber, food waste bin


How to book

Please select "coomking room" on the website



Depending on the hotel operation status,

closing or price may change in advance



Jeju The Island Blue Hotel

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TEL. 82-2-3413-9340 (reservation team)

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